• Heather Sahagian

Cane Corsos and the Great Lockdown of 2020

Normally this time of year is a high stress period. We have puppies on the ground, we're managing our businesses and kids, and the amount of sleep we're getting is little. This year, however, thanks to COVID-19, we're stressed a little differently. Our kids are home with us so they've been helping with feedings and puppy box cleanings, our businesses are closed so there's that weird stress, but we've also had the unique privilege of being able to do our dog thing with our entire family. Training sessions, off leash work, on farm work, feedings, walks; it's actually been, shall I say, fun (?).

Managing the four adult Corsos in our breeding program is not an easy task. There are four Corso personalities to manage (that, in and of itself is a full time job, lol), turn out to manage (who will be in what yard, when), prevention (don't let that one out with that one), tussles (who let that one out with that one), vet visits, training, feeding, cleaning up doo doo, cleaning kennels - and, we do it in addition to running our other businesses, caring for livestock, and five kids. It's definitely a labor of love but can be stressful at times. That's why this Corona-cation hasn't been all bad. I can't describe how nice it is to not have to rush through feedings, or how much I enjoy sitting outside with Tyson after he's eaten his breakfast, his clownish antics of jumping onto every elevated surface no longer irritating because I'm rushing to get him back inside so I can leave for work but, instead, a source of laughter.

Walks, once rushed, have turned leisurely. However, since everyone and their mother is home now, we have to time our walks a little more strategically...like, when no one else in the neighborhood is awake (at least when we're walking Cassius, anyway, who tends to think the planet is his alone and anyone who comes into eyesight is an invader who must be told off, loudly). Mornings at the farm with the dogs have turned into amazing training opportunities; Cashy's off leash work has improved, Ruby's work around the goats, geese and horses has gotten much better, and Kho Kho isn't getting car sick anymore. The things we're doing now with the dogs are the same things we've done before but we're able to do the activities with engaged intention. Rather than rushing through, we're able to take our time and our dogs have truly benefitted from it.

We'd love to know how your Corso or other four legged friends are making out during the lockdown. Please feel free to drop a comment and share!

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