Our dogs 

SIRE: Sahagian's Cassius Cane (Cash)

Cassius is a heavily muscled, powerful and athletic Corso. A blue fawn (also called formentino), his looks are similar to the Neopolitan Mastiff of Italy from the olden days. Extremely protective of his family and property, to his people he is a cuddly bear, obedient and respectful even under the leadership of an eight year old. He consistently produces fawns, blue brindles, and black brindles.

DAM: Sahagian's Sweet Affection (Khaleesi)

Hailing from the Lone Star State, Khaleesi's bloodlines harken back to Bel Monte Kennels, founded by Ed Hodas, the 'godfather' of the breed. Khaleesi personifies the aloof but observant nature of the Corso. She is athletic with a quiet energy, and has a unique reverse brindle or, tigrato, coat with a fawn base that set off her fiery, amber eyes.

DAM: Sahagian's Queen Sugar (Ruby) Ruby came from the Big Apple state, her lineage including Bel Monte and Sangue Magnifica Kennel, home to many world and European champion dogs. Ruby is a true working dog. Athletic and high energy, she is never content to sit still or lounge. She is always patroling, watching what everyone is doing. She has a powerful prey drive and is an outstanding tracking dog. Ruby is a chestnut black brindle.

SIRE: Sahagian's Big Daddy Cane (Tyson)

Tyson's life started in the Great Lakes state of Michigan but the City of Brotherly Love suits him much better. Tyson is the nicest, friendliest, most affectionate, loving, thinks-he's-a-lap-dog, Cane Corso we've ever met. Always quick to wag his nub, it's his bedroom eyes that get us every time; when he looks at you, he squints his eyes and bats his eyelashes, we swear. Tyson is a chestnut and fawn black brindle but from a distance he appears all black. He has produced fawns, blue brindles, black brindles, and solid blue pups.

DAM: Sahagian's Knockout (Kho Kho)

Kho Kho is homebred and an outstanding addition to our breeding program. Affectionate and kind, she is also quite smart and has a witty personality. Quick to figure out ways to climb out of the yard to "help us" with leaf blowing or to accompany us on what was supposed to be a dog-less walk, Kho Kho's response to "What are you doing, young lady?" is to greet us with squinted, remorseful eyes and the wrinkling of her nose and curling of her lip into a reluctant "smile." She keeps us on our toes and entertained just being her adorable self.