Our Story 

It was the middle of winter and in a feces-covered dog house and cage combination was this beautiful blue brindle, green eyed girl. She was a leftover - a sixteen week old puppy nobody wanted. "She's hardly a puppy," was the response from the Amish woman. It took us a half hour to lure her out of that filthy crate and into our car, and a week of baths before she didn't smell like a sewage plant.

We named her Sugar. She was sweet, playful and friendly, funny and affectionate. She was brave and bold with a confidence and elegance that we'd never experienced in a dog, and her green eyes were so human-like it was, at times, as though we were talking to a person in a dog's body. Already fans of large breeds, having had Rottweilers and Dobermans our entire lives, we were smitten. Smart, protective of our family, her only vice was chewing just about every pair of shoes in our house. Someone told us that it was because our shoes were the last thing she saw us put on before we left.

Sadly, six months after we welcomed Sugar into our family, her short, amazing life was ended by an undetected, undiagnosed congenital heart defect; she collapsed from a massive heart attack in our family room, our kids a mere two feet away from where she took her last breath, her Amish breeding responsible. To say we were devastated is an understatement but we turned our grief into a memorial to that incredible dog who changed our lives forever in the short time she shared her life with us. Sugar Cane Corso was founded after carefully researching the breed, understanding healthy bloodlines versus popular bloodlines, aligning ourselves with the best Cane Corso mentors, the best medical professionals in our area and the country for reproductive, cosmetic and general care. We chose an ICCF  foundation stud and follow the strictest protocols set forth by the International Cane Corso Foundation (ICCF), the oldest Cane Corso registry in the world, and the CCAA, our parent breed association, in an effort to preserve this peerless breed.

We do not show our dogs. Though showing is neat and important to some breeders, Corsos were bred not to look a certain way, conform to a cosmetic standard, be specific colors; Corsos were bred for the battlefield, to guard and protect home, farm and family. Our dogs are bred to honor that history. They are exposed to horses and livestock; they are allowed to do the work they were bred for for centuries, protecting our property and our family. Sugar Cane Corsos are bred to provide the companionship only a Corso can provide, companionship that will give your family the same life changing experiences our very special Corsos have brought us. 

Blue brindle female Cane Corso
Blue Brindle female Cane Corso
Blue Brindle female Cane Corso


Blue brindle Cane Corso